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Data Recovery and Backup in Yonkers, NY

Securing your data is one of the most important parts of any repair. Whether it’s family photos or your small businesses spreadsheets, we can help recover lost data and make sure you’re backed up in the future.

Data Services Starting at: $149.99    Schedule Your Repair Now

Our Data Backup and Recovery Process

1. Our first step is to check the health of your hard drive. If it is healthy enough to run, we will back up whatever data is currently on the drive.

2. We then start to work on recovering lost or damaged files. We partner with leading computer engineers to take the most precise recovery approach.

3. We move all recovered and backed up data to an external drive which you will be given to restore to your computer.

Our Data Recovery Expertise

Our certified in-store technicians ensure your data is safely and securely backed up or recovered.

Our proprietary data backup and recover suite is used to back up and recover data on your hard drive.

We complete tens of thousands data backups and recoveries every year.

Common Questions about Knowledge Bar Backup & Data Recovery Services

How do I know whether my hard drive is healthy enough to get data off of it?
Typically, if you aren’t able to find files or data and you haven’t accidentally deleted them, there is an issue with your hard drive. One of our Technicians will test the health of your hard drive and provide you with options.

What is the difference between a data backup and a data recovery?
Data backups are preventative safety measures for your data whereas a recovery is reactive once you’ve had a hard drive failure. Backups allow you to have all of your sensitive data – pictures, music, personal documents, work files, etc. – safely stored on a separate hard drive so that if you have a hard drive failure, you can pick up right where you left off.

Data recovery techniques are used once you’ve had some sort of data or file loss. Types of data loss range from simple file deletion to reformatted or physically damaged hard drives, resulting in complete data loss.

What types of electronics are you able to recover data from?
Our industry-leading techniques allow us to recover lost data from a variety of sources. Today, we can recover data from hard drives, SSDs, thumb drives, USB devices, encrypted drives, and cell phones.

Is there software I can use to recover the data myself?
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Most data recovery software will scan your entire hard drive over and over again, which can lead to further damage and data loss. Our process is much more precise and gives us a better chance at a successful recovery. We have trained computer engineers who will first target your most important files. Once those files have been recovered, we move on to the rest of the drive to try and capture all your data.

How much does a recovery cost?
Every recovery is unique. Basic recoveries that are a result of file deletion, reformatted drives, minor system corruption or minor physical damage can be attempted in our store for $250. We only have to ship out severe hard drive failures, which range in price depending on the damage and size of the drive.

How long do recoveries take?
We understand you need your data back quickly. We are able to handle most recoveries in-store, often the same day. More severe cases require us to send the drive out to a dedicated clean room location. Those recoveries can take several days and sometimes up to a week to recover.

How do I know my data is safe?
Any recovered data we are able to get off the drive is transferred to a healthy, encrypted drive. We will give you and only you theencryption key to access your information.