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The Best Custom Built PCs in Brooklyn, NY

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Custom Built PCs in Brooklyn, NY

Whether you are building your first computer, assembling the highest powered gaming computer you can, or building a computer to meet your business needs, we can help you reach all of your goals with our custom built PCs.

PC Build Services

Tier 1 – Everything but the OS     $149.99
Install motherboard, processor, RAM, HDD and power supply.

Tier 2 – Ready to Work     $199.99
Install motherboard, processor, RAM, HDD, power supply and Operating System.

Tier 3 – Closed-Loop Water Cooled     $249.99
Same as Tier 2, with graphics card and closed loop water cooling (AIO).

Advanced Water Cooled PC Build Services

Tier 4 – Soft-Tube Liquid Cooled            $399.99
Install motherboard, processor with thermal paste, RAM, M.2/SSD/HDD, power supply, graphics card, Operating System, custom soft loops, up to 2 water blocks, one reservoir, and RGB strips. Also includes a system flush, coolant refill and PrimoChill cleaning treatment after one year.

Tier 5 – Custom Hard-Tube Liquid Cooled           $799.99
Install motherboard, processor with thermal paste, RAM, M.2/SSD/HDD, power supply, graphics card, Operating System, custom hard loops, up to 2 water blocks, one reservoir and pump, and RGB strips. Also includes a system flush, coolant refill and PrimoChill cleaning treatment after one year. This premium service requires a one-on-one consultation with our expert Build Technician to make sure we understand your requirements for tube routing, radiator placement, and set up.

Some of our custom built PCs:

Custom Built PC 1

Custom Built PC 2

Custom Built PC 3

Custom Built PC 4

Our PC Building Process

1. One of our Build Your Own experts will walk you through our compatibility tool to make sure we find the right configuration to meet your performance needs.

2. We source the components through our expansive retail floor inventory and set you up with our Build Technician to begin the work immediately.

3. Our Build Technician will build and test the machine to ensure it meets all of your expectations. Most builds are completed within 24 hours.

Our PC Building Expertise

All Knowledge Bar technicians are CompTIA A+ and OEM certified.

Our Build Your Own PC department is dedicated to custom builds with a configurator tool that ensures compatibility with all of your components.

A dedicated Build Technician who has built hundreds of custom gaming machines ranging from basic assembly to custom hard tubing and water cooling.

Common Questions about Custom Computer Builds

What does it mean to have a custom build?
You get to be the creator of your custom computer and we make sure it is professionally built. With the help of our Build Your Own experts, you will pick which components you want and one of our certified technicians will assemble it for you.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want?
That’s what we’re here for! We have a dedicated Build Your Own department that will help identify your needs (gaming, which games you’re playing, developer, AI, etc.) and provide recommendations to maximize the performance of the machine.

Can you do water cooling and custom tubing?
Yes! We can help you out with all cooling solutions from closed-loop water cooling to custom soft or hard tubing and lighting.

What if I’m not a gamer?
No problem! Custom builds are designed for all kinds of users. We assemble computers for the entry level computer user that wants to control the components in the system to high powered AI machines. Let us help create the perfect computer for you!

What if I bought my components from somewhere else?
We can assemble any computer that has the necessary parts. However, we do run into compatibility issues when components are bought from several different sources. Prices may change if components weren’t purchased from Micro Center.

How long does it take?
It all depends on the level of complexity of the build. Most custom builds will be completed the same business day, but configurations with custom tubing, multiple reservoirs, blocks, etc., add complexity and thus time to assemble. The most complex builds can still be completed in 2-3 days.